4 Simple Reminders in Planning a Remarkably Successful Event During the Age of Social Media

Whether you’re planning your 25th birthday party, a job promotion celebration or a simple reunion with your college friends, it is highly essential to follow event-planning steps that are specific to this new age of gadgets, social media and the deteriorating collective attention span of the general population. Here are four simple reminders that will help you achieve that memorable and successful event.

1. Research, Research, Research – The good thing about social media is that it has made location scouting for events a whole lot easier. If you already have several locations in mind and you’re not sure which one to pick, you can go over some Facebook pages to have a look at crucial things like pricing, store hours, address, contact information and ratings for different hotels, resorts, restaurants and event halls. Don’t have any idea where you want your New Jersey event  venue to take place? Take advantage of hashtags. You can go to sites like Instagram and just key in “#vacationspot” or “#besteventlocation” in the search bar, and you’ll see photos of locations and events other people have been to. This process has the potential to help you find a spot that’s not only a good one, but also one neither you nor your friends have heard of before.

2. Read Reviews (Voraciously) – Once you’ve found an event spot that matches your wants and needs, it is important that you read reviews of that location written by people who have already been there. Reviews are probably one of the most crucial things in New Jersey Event Planning. Location is everything, and reviews are often the fine line that separates a so-so event from a majorly amazing one.

3. Practice the Art of Invitations – You now have the location and the reservation, and what you need next are your guests. Now, this can usually be a stressful situation wherein you extensively think about the right people to invite, but at the same time you get all anxious because you fear that nearly half of your friends will turn you down for whatever excuses. Well, here’s the thing. Rule number one? Avoid creating events and invites using social media. People are unbelievably preoccupied when they’re in front of their smartphones, tablets and laptop screens. And often, they don’t even notice there’s an event that they’re virtually invited to because there are like a million other things going on in their Facebook accounts. Instead of making a Facebook Event page, use your phone instead. When it comes to invitations, the old-school way is the sure way. Text your guests. Or better yet, call them. Sincerity is key.

4. Breathe and Let Go – Now that you have your event planned and your list of guests finalized, you must remind yourself to let go of everything. Quite ironic, eh? Well, events are ironic. You spend all that time planning and inviting people and planning some more, but at the end of the day, nothing (absolutely nothing) turns out exactly the way you had imagined. So sit back, relax, and let the rest of the day unfold. Cheers!